Shetland by Numbers

Version 1 (October 2017)

Walter Scott
‘New Easterhoull’
Castle Street


The above website replaces which was my first and was available from February 2011 to May 2016 when it was terminated. It was based on a number of projects and was referred to as Version 1, the only version. The present website is an updated and slightly larger version of the original and appears under the new name as given at the top of this page. Anyone with a copy of the first website is strongly advised to replace it with the current version.

This website is a summary of my travels in Shetland either in search of plants or the completion of projects. The two, despite their very different concepts, often ran together in a manner beneficial to both objectives at the same time. All of the twenty-one projects have a numerical basis, hence the title.

My interest in the botany of Shetland began in 1955 when I was fifteen years old, and has continued to the present day. For some thirty-five years my travels in search of plants took me to many parts of Shetland, often to remote corners and islands where the flora had not hitherto been examined. In the early 1990s I decided to fill in the gaps in my coverage of the county by identifying a number of projects, namely, things to do, see, or visit. Many of these ventures, twenty-one in all, have been completed or nearly so. Some, like holms in freshwater lochs, had a strongly botanical basis. Others were chosen, not for their botanical value ― although my interest in plants was always in the background in these cases ― but because they provided a predetermined and finely gridded basis which gave me a uniform coverage of all parts of all of our islands. Is is fairly likely that this coverage of Shetland by one person has not been previously equalled.


The following index of projects is arranged in decreasing order based on the number of achievable components within each project. The figure after each project name is the total number of units known to me for that project. The bracketed figure represents the total numer of units visited, seen, or completed by me. Red type denotes uncompleted projects.