1. Salt-water Islands

To land on (or touch by hand when sea conditions or the shape of an island precluded a safe landing) around half of all the islands which are cut off at low tide but are not submerged at high tide and appear as such on the 1:25, 000 Ordnance Survey maps. I have estimated, from a careful examination of these very accurate maps, that 2,494 such islands exist, of which 1,238 have been visited by me, including eleven accessed by touching and here marked by an asterisk*. The highest concentrations of unvisited islands are in North Roe (137 unvisited), Unst NW (125), Fair Isle and Fetlar (106 each), and Yell NW (97). (In addition I have landed on a further 503 rocks, but these were not islands in the above sense as all would have been awash or submerged at high tide. They do not appear in my figures.)

The list of islands which follows is presented either in a line containing no bracketed number, or in a line containing a bracketed number. The first method denotes a single island only. The second method gives the number of (mainly) unnamed islands included in the line. In both cases the general coastline area is given first. Thus, for example, ‘South Nesting, Climnie (3)’ means that Climnie itself and its two neighbours nearby are all included in the line and that all are in the South Nesting general area. The date is the only or earliest date on which an island was visited. No date is given when the island has been visited on several to numerous occasions. More details of an island may be found by checking the date in the appropriate volume of Shetland. Botanical Field Notes, part of my Shetland Botanical Archive. To assist the reader to locate these additional notes the following provides the volume number and year(s) covered. (1) 1950–1961. (2) 1961–1963. (3) 1963–1967. (4) 1967–1974. (5) 1974–1981. (6) 1981–1985. (7) 1986–1991. (8) 1992–1994. (9) 1994–1996. (10) 1996–1999. (11) 1999–2002. (12) 2003. (13) 2004. (14) 2005–2011. (15) 2012 to present.

The areas containing the highest number of unvisited islands are as follows: Northmavine, north-west and north coasts (137), Fair Isle and Fetlar (106 each), and Yell, north-west coast (97).

Aith Voe to Mavis Grind, Burgastoo, near Brae 07/06/68
Aith Voe to Mavis Grind, Crog Holm, Roe Sound 24/05/97
Aith Voe to Mavis Grind, Holm of Culsetter 24/05/97
Aith Voe to Mavis Grind, Linga 07/07/68
Aith Voe to Mavis Grind, Lothan, Roe Sound 24/05/97
Aith Voe to Mavis Grind, Papa Little
Aith Voe to Mavis Grind, skerry below Slyde 15/07/95

Bressay, Ayre of Baga, near The Ord 28/06/95
Bressay, below Ander Hill 28/06/95
Bressay, between Seli Geo and Stoura Clett (8) 28/06/95
Bressay, Fugla Skerry, N of Bard Head 28/06/95
Bressay, Holm of Beosetter 01/08/68
Bressay, Holm of Cruester 19/07/68
Bressay, Holm of Gunnista 28/06/95
Bressay, Holm Skerry of Beosetter 01/08/68
Bressay, Isle of Noss
Bressay, Scarfi Skerries, Isle of Noss 28/06/95
Bressay, Stoura Clett (2) 28/06/95

Clevigarth, Millburn Geo, NE of Exnaboe (2) 21/09/97
Clevigarth, N of The Taing, E of Exnaboe (2) 21/09/97
Clevgarth, near the broch NE of Southvoe 21/09/97
Clevigarth, NW of Lambhoga Head (2) 21/09/97
Clevigarth, NW of the Point of Blo-Geo (2) 21/09/97
Clevigarth, S of the Vaakel Craigs (2) 21/09/97
Clevigarth, Scarfi Taing 21/09/97
Clevigarth, Stack of Otter Geo (3) 21/09/07
Clevigarth, The Cletts, NNE of Exnaboe 21/09/97

Clift Sound, between Teisti Geo and Royl Tongue (3) 14/05/95
Clift Sound, Holm of Maywick 17/07/68
Clift Sound, N of Geo Riva 11/09/94
Clift Sound, near Black Geo 11/09/94
Clift Sound, S of Ramna Geo 11/09/94
Clousta, Grink Holm, Cribba Sound 13/05/62
Clousta, Holm of Setter, Voe of Clousta (not noted)
Clousta, Inga’s Holm, Braga Ness(2) 17/08/69
Clousta, off point of Braga Ness 17/08/69
Clumlie, below broch near Burgadies 21/09/97
Clumlie, between Longi Geo and Tros Wick 21/09/97
Clumlie, Gorsna Geo, Troswickness 21/09/97
Clumlie, Gungstie, Levenwick (6) 21/09/97
Clumlie, Longi Geo, E of Dalsetter 21/09/97
Clumlie, N side of Quinni Geo 21/09/97
Clumlie, Sandvis Geo, Troswickness 21/09/97
Clumlie, Skerries of Longi-geo, Levenwick (4) 21/09/97
Clumlie, SW of the Haa of Stova, near Boddam 21/09/97
Clumlie, Troswick Ness 21/09/97

Culswick, between Stead of Culswick and Swinsi Taing (3) 15/05/94
Culswick, Burga Stack (4) 15/05/94
Culswick, Little Flaes (2) 15/05/94
Culswick, Muckle Flaes 15/05/94
Culswick, Munan Skerry 15/0594
Culswick, Taing of Keolkifield 15/05/94
Culswick, The Nev (3) 15/05/94

Cunningsburgh, Bur Ness (2) 10/07/68
Cunningsburgh, Geo of Bodista to Stack of Okraquoy (6) 06/08/95
Cunningsburgh, Longa Skerry (3) 10/07/68
Cunningsburgh, S of Croo Taing, below Catpund 21/09/97
Cunningsburgh, Skeo Skerry (2) 10/07/68
Cunningsburgh, Skerry of Okraquoy 06/08/95
Cunningsburgh, Wester Skerry (2) 10/07/68

Dury Voe, Breti Geo 05/06/94
Dury Voe, E of Sigga Taing 21/05/95
Dury Voe, Green Isle 03/06/68
Dury Voe, Lourielangs Geo (2) 05/06/94
Dury Voe, Morro Ness to Noust of Levaneap (12) 05/06/94
Dury Voe, Scarve Skerry 03/06/08
Dury Voe, Swarta Skerry 03/06/68

East Burra
East Burra, Scarf Skerry, Houss 24/07/69
East Burra, Stacks of Houssness (17) 02/10/94

Easter Quarff, East Voe of Quarff 01/07/95
Easter Quarff, Longa Geo, SSW of the Wick of Burland 01/07/95
Easter Quarff, Milla Geo, near the Broch of Burland 01/07/95
Easter Quarff, S of Gards, Wick of Burland 01/07/95
Easter Quarff, skerry at Pund Geo, N of Coall Head 06/08/95
Easter Quarff, Wick of Burland 01/07/95

Esha Ness, 275 m E of The Drongs 02/06/98
Esha Ness, between Moo Stack and Mainland 16/07/93
Esha Ness, Clave to head of Sandwick (7) 02/06/98
Esha Ness, Dore Holm (2)05/08/68
Esha Ness, Fladda, near Muckle Ossa 02/06/98
Esha Ness, Gorda Stack (10) 02/06/98
Esha Ness, Herta Stack, inside the Isle of Niddister 02/06/98
Esha Ness, Herta Stack to Clave, Ness of Hillswck (9) 02/06/98
Esha Ness, inside the Isle of Niddister 02/06/98
Esha Ness, Isle of Niddister 11/06/92
Esha Ness, Isle of Stenness (2) 11/06/92
Esha Ness, Isle of Westerhouse, Ness of Hillswick (3) 11/06/92
EshaNess, Isle of Westerhouse, Ness of Hillswick (9) 02/06/98
Esha Ness, Little Ossa 16/07/93
Esha Ness, Moo Stack 16/07/93
Esha Ness, Muckle Ossa 29/07/70
Esha Ness, N of Isle of Niddister to Pund of Gravesand (10) 02/06/98
Esha Ness, Otter Holm, Tangwick 05/08/68
Esha Ness, Quida Stack 11/06/92
Esha Ness, skerry on the 79 line at the mouth of Drid Geo 17/07/93
Esha Ness, Skerry of Eshaness 11/06/92
Esha Ness, The Drongs 11/06/92
Esha Ness, The Runk 11/06/92
Esha Ness, W of Muckle Ossa 24/05/97
Esha Ness, Whilse Sound, between Skerry of Eshaness/Isle of Stenness (2) 11/06/92
Esha Ness, Windy Geo, Ness of Hillswick (5) 02/06/98

Fair Isle
*Fair Isle, Black Codlin Riven, SE corner of HZ1972 10/06/07
*Fair Isle, Breiti Stack 10/06/07
*Fair Isle, Fugli Stack 10/06/07
*Fair Isle, Oa Stack, near Skroo 10/06/07
Fair Isle, The Skerry, SE corner of HZ1969 10/06/07

Fetlar, Braga, Urie Lingey 24/07/93
Fetlar, Calf of Daaey24/07/03
Fetlar, Daaey 24/07/93
Fetlar, Hillidin, Wick of Tresta (2) 24/07/93
Fetlar, Hogahellias, Wick of Tresta 24/07/93
Fetlar, NW of Stany Holm, Funzie Bay 24/07/93
Fetlar, Holm of Tressaness 24/07/93
Fetlar, Il Holm 24/07/93
Fetlar, Lingey Skerry 24/07/93
*Fetlar, Outer Brough, Strandburgh Ness 24/07/93
Fetlar, Ruir Holm, Urie Lingey 24/07/93
Fetlar, Scarf Skerry, Wick of Tresta 24/07/93
Fetlar, Sound Gruney 10/08/67
Fetlar, Stack of Sealie Geo, Wick of Tresta 24/07/93
Fetlar, innermost of the Stacks of Scambro 24/07/93
Fetlar, Stany Holm, Funzie Bay (2) 24/7/93
Fetlar, Stongir Holm, Urie Ness 24/7/93
Fetlar, Swarta Skerry 24/07/93
Fetlar,The Clett 24/07/93
Fetlar, The Fludir, Urie Lingey 24/7/93
Fetlar, Urie Lingey 24/7/93

Fitful Head, Swarta Skerry 05/08/02

Fladdabister, Leea Geo (2) 06/08/95
Fladdabister, N of Stack of Pulli 06/08/95
Fladdabister, Scarfi Skerry (2) 06/08/95
Fladdabister, Skerry Sound (2) 06/08/95

Foula, from Ham Voe south to Ness a Skerry (33) 28/05/94
Foula, Skerry of Hellabrick, South Ness 28/05/94
Foula, skerry off Granny Geo, Hellabrick’s Wick , South Ness, 28/05/94

Gruney, N of Fethaland, North Roe 04/09/94

Gruting Voe, Crabba Skerry 15/05/94
Gruting Voe, Green Head (2) 15/05/94
Gruting Voe, Holm of Gruting 15/05/94
Gruting Voe, Holm of Sefster 15/05/94
Gruting Voe, off point of Hulma Taing 15/05/94
Gruting Voe, Seli Stack (2) 15/05/94
Gruting Voe, Skerries of Tunisdaal (2) 15/05/94

Lerwick, Kebister Ness, N end 01/08/68
Lerwick, Balla Skerry, Ness of Sound 01/07/95
Lerwick, between Munger Skerries and Ruggen (2) 01/07/95
Lerwick, Brethern, off Kebister Ness (2) 28/06/95
Lerwick, Green Holm 06/09/61
Lerwick, Holms of Vatsland (2) 01/08/68
Lerwick, point of the Ness of Trebister (6) 01/07/95
Lerwick, Scarfa Skerry, Ness of Sound 01/07/95
Lerwick, Skersund Skerry, Ness of Trebister 01/07/95
Lerwick, Stacks of Vatsland (2) 01/08/68
Lerwick, The Knab (3) 01/07/95

Loch of Strom, Weisdale (7) 11/07/67

Lunna Ness, Swarta Skerry, SE of Lunna Holm 29/08/93

Lunning, Hevda Geo 29/08/93
Lunning, Skerry of Lunning 29/08/93
Lunning, Stack of Orrawick 29/08/93


Muckle Roe
*Muckle Roe, off Strom Ness 01/07/05

Ness of Rerwick, Colsay 05/08/02
Ness of Rerwick, Hoga Neap to Sand Skerry (6) 11/09/94

Nibon, between Mill Geos and Wilson’s Noup 02/06/98
Nibon, between The Hogg and Egilsay 24/05/97
Nibon, Black Skerry,near Egilsay (2) 24/05/97
Nibon, Black Skerry of Ramnageo, Mangaster Voe 24/05/97
Nibon, Egilsay, Mangaster Voe 06/08/68
Nibon, Isle of Nibon 26/08/68
Nibon, Isle of Gunnister (3) 26/08/68, 24/05/97
Nibon, North Whilk, Isle of Nibon 26/08/68
Nibon, Mill Geos,S of Nibon (2) 02/06/98
Nibon, Moo Stack, S of Nibon 02/06/98
Nibon, off Setter of Enisfirth, Gunnister Voe (2) 24/05/97
Nibon, Stivva, near entrance to Mangaster Voe 02/06/98
Nibon, Swarta Skerry (2) 02/06/98
Nibon, The Hogg, off Egilsay 24/05/97
North Nesting, between Hog Island and Stany Hog 05/06/94
North Nesting, Combs Geo, Stava Ness 21/05/95
North Nesting, Hog Island 05/06/94
North Nesting, in bay E of Wick of Neap 24/06/95
North Nesting, Muckle Fladdicap 13/08/68
North Nesting, Stack of the Skersons, Stava Ness 24/06/95
NorthNesting, Stany Hog 05/06/94
North Nesting,Wick of Neap (3) 24/06/95
North Roe, Djubi Geo, Lang Clodie Wick 22/07/97
North Roe, Dorra Stack, Uyea (2) 24/05/97, 22/07/97
North Roe, E of Out Shuna Stack, Uyea 24/05/97
North Roe, Fugla Ness, Uyea 24/05/97
North Roe, Galti Stack, Uyea 04/09/94
North Roe, Gruna Stacks, S of Lang Clodie Wick (2) 24/05/97, 22/07/97
North Roe, Little Gruna Stacks (5) 22/07/97
North Roe, Longa Skerry, S of Lang Clodie Wick 22/07/97
North Roe, Munga Skerries, S of Lang Clodie Wick (7) 22/07/97
North Roe, near waterfall from the Burn of The Murie, Lang Clodie Wick 24/05/97
North Roe, Nista Skerries, Uyea (2) 04/09/94
North Roe, skerry inside Hevdadale Head 22/07/97
North Roe, skerry near the head of Raa Wick, E of Uyea 04/09/94
North Roe, South Wick, Uyea (14) 22/07/97
North Roe, Stany Sneulit, S of Lang Clodie Wick (3) 22/07/97
North Roe, Stuack, Fethaland (2) 04/09/94
North Roe, The Cleiver, Lang Ayre (6) 24/05/97, 22/07/97
North Roe, The Stab, Lang Ayre (2) 22/07/95
North Roe, Troll Kona Stack 04/09/94
North Roe, Turls Head (5) 22/07/97
North Roe, Uyea 24/07/93
North Roe, Valti Stack, Uyea 04/09/94

Out Skerries, Bound Skerry 04/08/68
Out Skerries, Bruray 04/08/68
Out Skerries, Easter Skerries, South Benelip (3) 30/07/00
Out Skerries, Filla 04/08/68
Out Skerries, Grunay 06/06/93
Out Skerries, Hevda Skerries (2) 30/07/00
Out Skerries, Horn Skerry (2) 30/07/00
Out Skerries, Housay 25/07/92
Out Skerries, Lamba Stack 30/07/00
Out Skerries, Little Bound Skerry 30/07/00
Out Skerries, Little Skerry, W of Housay 04/08/68
Out Skerries, Long Guen (7), 04/08/68, 30/07/00
Out Skerries, Muckle Skerry (4) 29/08/93, 25/09/94, 30/07/00
Out Skerries, North Benelip 04/08/68
Out Skerries, Short Guen (3) 04/08/68, 30/07/00
Out Skerries, skerry off the jetty 30/07/00
Out Skerries, South Benelip 04/08/68
Out Skerries, Vongs (6) 04/08/68, 30/07/00
Out Skerries, Wether Holm 04/08/68

Papa Stour
Papa Stour, Sholma Wick (2) 04/08/99
Papa Stour, Aesha Stack (5) 22/05/94
Papa Stour, between Lyra Skerry and Fogla Skerry 04/08/99
Papa Stour, between Turri Geo and Brei Holm 04/08/99
Papa Stour, Borse Skerry (2) 04/08/99
Papa Stour, Brei Holm (10) 04/0/99
Papa Stour, Clingri Geo (2) 04/08/99
Papa Stour, Culla Voe (4) 04/08/99
Papa Stour, Da Fit o' Lyra Skerry 22/05/94
Papa Stour, E side of Quida Ness 04/08/99
Papa Stour, Fogla Skerry 22/05/94
Papa Stour, Forewick Holm 28/07/68
Papa Stour, Galti Stacks (3) 22/05/94
Papa Stour, Geo of Bordie 04/08/99
Papa Stour, Geubery Head (7) 04/08/99
Papa Stour, Gorsendi Geo 04/08/99
Papa Stour, Hamna Voe 22/05/94
Papa Stour, Helligoblo, Ve Skerries 06/08/70
Papa Stour, Hirdie Geo 22/05/94
Papa Stour, Hund Geo 22/05/94
Papa Stour, Koda Skerry 04/08 99
Papa Stour, Lyra Skerry 22/05/94
Papa Stour, Mo Geo (3) 04/08/99
Papa Stour, N and SE of The Clubb, Ve Skerries (2) 04/08/99
Papa Stour, North Lunga Geo 22/05/94
Papa Stour, North Skerry, Ve Skerries 06/08/70
Papa Stour, off Christie’s Hole (3) 22/05/94
Papa Stour, Ormal, Ve Skerries 06/08/70
Papa Stour, SE corner of Ormal, Ve Skerries 04/08/99
Papa Stour, SE of Borse Skerry 04/08/99
Papa Stour, Skerries of Quidaness (3) 04/08/99
Papa Stour, Skerry of Lambaness (2) 04/08/99
Papa Stour, Snolda 22/05/94
Papa Stour, Sula Stack 22/05/94
Papa Stour, SW of Helligoblo, Ve Skerries 04/08/99
Papa Stour, Swarta Skerry 22/05/94
Papa Stour, The Clubb, Ve Skerries 06/08/70
*Ramna Stacks area, Flae-ass 08/07/05
*Ramna Stacks area, Outer Stack 08/07/05
Reawick, Aa Skerry (2) 02/08/68
Reawick, Bumant Stack to Daa Skerry (18) 02/10/94
Reawick, Fore Holm 02/08/68
Reawick, from point of Roe Ness to Bowpund (10) 18/09/94
Reawick, Kirk Holm (4) 22/06/68
Reawick, skerry E of Kirka Ness 14/05/95
Reawck, Snap 02/06/68

Ronas Voe, Burka Stack (2) 04/08/91
Ronas Voe, NW of The Priest (2) 04/08/91
Ronas Voe, off point at W end of the Slocka beach 17/08/93
Ronas Voe, Scrubba Skerry 04/08/91 Ronas Voe, Stack of Sumra 04/08/91
Ronas Voe, The Roodrans (2) 21/07/91, 22/07/97

Sandness, Bay of Brenwell (4) 14/08/99
Sandness, Bay of Garth (7) 14/08/99
Sandness, Bousta Skerries (5) 14/08/99
Sandness, Brough Skerries (5) 14/08/99
Sandness, Corn Head 14/08/99
Sandness, Heag Sound, near West Burra Firth 14/08/99
Sandness, Holm of Melby 28/07/68
Sandness, Neap of Norby (5) 14/08/99
Sandness, Sand of Gord 14/08/99
Sandness, Skerry of Stools 14/08/99
Sandness, skerry W of Skerry of Stools 14/08/99
Sandness, Slooie Stack, Voe of Snarraness 11/08/92
Sandness, Swaaba Stack, near West Burra Firth 14/08/99
Sandness, The Kame (3) 14/08/99

Sandwick, Mousa
Sandwick, N of Burgi Ayre, Mousa 21/09/97
Sandwick, near Vins Taing, No Ness 21/09/97
Sandwick, off the Peerie Bard, Mousa 21/09/97
Sandwick, point of Cumlewick Ness 21/09/97
Sandwick, point of No Ness (2) 21/09/97
Sandwick, Ramna Geo, near Greenmaw 21/09/97
Sandwick, S point of Mousa 21/09/97
Sandwick, Skerry of Rest, No Ness 21/09/97
Sandwick, Stack of Billyageo, No Ness 21/09/97
Sandwick, Steinfils Geo, Leven Wick 21/09/97
Sandwick, SW side of Ness of Hoswick 21/09/97
Sandwick, The Berg, Ness of Hoswick 21/09/97
Scalloway, Black Skerry 14/06/67
Scalloway, Bullia Skerry 12/07/68
Scalloway, Bulta Skerry (2) 12/07/68
Scalloway, Burwick Holm 10/06/67
Scalloway, Cheynies(2) 12/07/68
Scalloway, Cusa Skerries (2) 12/07/68
Scalloway, Easter Score Holm 1957
Scalloway, Gibbie Stacks,Cheynies (2) 12/07/68
Scalloway, Green Holm
Scalloway, Havra Skerry, North Havra 11/06/68
Scalloway, Hildasay
Scalloway, Hoe Skerry, S of Hildasay 28/06/68
Scalloway, Hoe Skerry, N of Sanda Stour 13/07/67
Scalloway, Hogg of Linga 23/06/67
Scalloway, Hogg of Papa 14/06/68
Scalloway, Hoggs of Oxna 20/05/96
Scalloway, Langa 17/06/68
Scalloway, Linga
Scalloway, Little Voe, Oxna 20/05/96
Scalloway, Lunga Skerries, N of Hildasay (2) 28/06/68
Scalloway, Merry Holm 08/06/67
Scalloway, North Havra
Scalloway, North Score Holm 13/07/67
Scalloway, Oxna
Scalloway, Papa
Scalloway, Papa Skerry 14/06/67
Scalloway, Retta Skerries (2) 12/07/68
Scalloway, Sanda Little (2) 28/06/68
Scalloway, Sanda Stour 1957
Scalloway, Skervie Skerry 10/06/67
Scalloway, Spoose Holm14/06/67
Scalloway, Steggies (5) 12/07/68
Scalloway, Swarta Skerry, North Score Holm 13/07/67
Scalloway, The Nev, Sanda Little 28/06/68
Scalloway, The Skerry, Bur Wick 12/07/67
Scalloway, The Skerry, Hildasay 23/06/67
Scalloway, The Skult, North Score Holm 13/07/67

Skelda Ness, below Daal (2) 18/09/94
Skelda Ness, below Scarvister (2), 18/09/94
Skelda Ness, Berga Stack, W of Sil Wick 15/05/94
Skelda Ness, Braga 25/08/70
Skelda Ness, Clett, off Sil Wick 15/05/94
Skelda Ness, Erne’s Stack,W of Sil Wick 15/05/94
Skelda Ness, from head of Sil Wick to Lambigarth (7) 15/05/94
Skelda Ness, from West Moulie Geo to the head of Sil Wick (14) 25/08/70, 15/05/94
Skelda Ness, Longa Berg, S of Scarvister (5) 18/09/94
Skelda Ness, Moo Stack 25/08/70
South Havra
South Havra, Aa Skerry (2) 26/07/68, 18/09/94
South Havra, Black Skerry, Little Havra 26/07/68
South Havra, Little Havra 18/09/94
South Havra, N side (4) 18/09/94
South Havra, Stack of Barefield 26/07/68
South Havra, Taing Skerry, Little Havra (2) 26/07/68, 18/09/94

South Nesting, 125 m N of Gult Holm, Gletness 21/05/95
South Nesting, 250 m N of Stunger, Gletness 21/05/95
South Nesting, Aiplin, Gletness 01/08/68
South Nesting, Aswick Skerries (2) 01/08/68, 21/05/95
South Nesting, Climnie (3) 13/08/65, 24/06/95
South Nesting, Corn Holm 18/06/67
South Nesting, Cunning Holm 18/06/67
South Nesting, Dock of Lingness 18/06/67
South Nesting, E side of South Isle of Gletness (2) 28/06/95
South Nesting, Eswick Holm 28/06/95
South Nesting, Fiska Skerry 24/06/95
South Nesting, Fru Stack, Moul of Eswick 24/06/95
South Nesting, Gult Holm 07/07/67
South Nesting, Haerie, off Moul of Eswick 24/06/95
South Nesting, Hevda Skerry, Moul of Eswick 24/06/95
South Nesting, Holm of Skellister 18/06/67
South Nesting, Hoo Stack 01/08/68
South Nesting, inbay NW of Brough 24/06/95
South Nesting, Inner Voder24/06/95
South Nesting, Linga Skerries, Ling Ness (2) 24/06/95
South Nesting, Litla Billan, off Moul of Eswick 24/06/95
South Nesting, Muckla Billan 13/08/68
South Nesting, N of Fru Stack, Moul of Eswick 24/06/95
South Nesting, NE of Hoo Stack 24/06/95
South Nesting, NE of South Holm, Ling Ness 24/06/95
South Nesting, near Aiplin, North Isle of Gletness 28/06/95
South Nesting, North Isle of Gletness 07/07/67
South Nesting, off Gletness on 47 vertical line 07/07/67
South Nesting, off Loch of Pile, As Wick 21/05/95
South Nesting, off S end of North Isle of Gletness 28/06/95
South Nesting, Scudills Wick 24/06/95
South Nesting, South Isle of Gletness 07/07/67
South Nesting, South Isle of Gletness, N end 28/06/95
South Nesting, South Skerry, by Hoo Stack 24/06/95
South Nesting, Spentlie Holm, off Brough 18/06/67
South Nesting, Stunger, Gletness 07/07/67
South Nesting, Tainga Skerry, Gletness 07/07/67
South Nesting, The Sneckan, off Moul of Eswick 21/05/95
South Nesting, Vassa Voe 21/05/95
South Nesting, W of South Holm, Gletness 01/08/68

St Ninian’s Isle
St Ninian’s Isle, Hich Holm 24/08/70
St Ninian’s Isle, S side (16) 11/09/94

Stromness Voe, Barra Holm 11/06/68
Stromness Voe, between Jackville and White Ness 11/06/68
Stromness Voe, Loch of Strom (6) 11/07/67
Stromness Voe, Silver Skerry (2) 11/06/68

Sumburgh, Horse Island 11/09/94
Sumburgh, Lady’s Holm 11/09/94
Sumburgh, Little Holm (2) 11/09/94
Sumburgh, Little Tind 21/09/97
Sumburgh, S of the Bight of Laward (3) 21/09/97
Sumburgh, SE corner of HU4008 21/09/97
Sumburgh, The Compass (3) 21/09/97
Sumburgh, The Loder, Lady’s Holm 11/09/94
Sumburgh, Whale Back, Sumburgh Head (3) 21/09/97

Trondra, Burland ‘offshore broch’ 29/08/67
Trondra, Burland Skerry 29/08/67
Trondra, Stream Sound (2) 29/08/67, 24/07/69
Trondra, off SW point (2) 24/07/69

Unst, NE, Holm of Skaw 19/08/97
Unst, NE, Inner Flaess 19/08/97
Unst, NW, Flodda Stack, Herma Ness 19/08/97
Unst, NW, Muckle Flugga group (18) 03/07/91, 10/08/95
Unst, NW, North Holms (2) 10/08/95
Unst, NW, Out Stack 03/07/91
Unst, NW, South Holms 10/08/95
Unst, NW, The Greing, Herma Ness 10/08/95
Unst, SE, N end of Balta 19/08/97
Unst, SE, Balta
Unst, SE, Haaf Gruney 24/07/93
Unst, SE, Huney
Unst, SE, Hunts Holm 24/07/93
Unst, SE, Lanca Skerry 19/08/97
Unst, SE, Lung Skerry 24/07/93
Unst, SE, Scarf Skerry, Uyea (6) 24/07/93
Unst, SE, The Vere 24/07/93
Unst, SE, Uyea 24/07/93
Unst, SW, Brough Holm
Unst, SE, Wedder Holm (5) 24/07/93 Unst, SW, Lang Holm 10/08/95
Unst, SW, Round Holm 10/08/95
Unst, SW, The Vere 10/08/95

Ura Firth, Baa Taing to Tur Ness, Hillswick (9) 24/05/97

Vaila, below Mid Ward 22/05/94
Vaila, Burrier Geo (5) 22/05/94
Vaila, Burrier Stacks (3) 22/05/94
Vaila, entrance to Nouns Geo 22/05/94
Vaila, Gaada Stacks (8) 22/05/94
Vaila, Gluibuil 22/05/94
Vaila, Humla Stack (5) 22/05/94
Vaila, Muckle Bight (3) 22/05/94
Vaila, S of Nouns Geo (2) 22/05/94
Vaila, Stack of the Cuillan 22/05/94

Vementry, Black Stane 15/07/95
Vementry, E of Heill Head (2) 15/07/95
Vementry, E side of Cow Head (2) 17/08/69
Vementry, Gruna 10/07/60
Vementry, head of Northra Voe 15/07/95
Vementry Heill Head 15/07/95
Vementry, Holms of Uyea-sound (4) 17/08/69
Vementry, Lamba Wick (3) 15/07/95
Vementry, Linga 10/07/60
Vementry, N of Turr Geo (4) 15/07/95
Vementry, North Voe 15/07/95
Vementry, NE corner of HU3059 (not noted)
Vementry, off Lamba Head 15/07/95
Vementry, off Trea Wick 15/07/95
Vementry, point of Milder Ness (2) 15/07/95
Vementry, skerry E of Gruna 15/07/95
Vementry, Skewart Holm 15/07/95
Vementry, Swaba Stacks 15/07/95
Vementry, Swarbacks Skerry 15/07/95
Vementry, The Heag 15/07/95

Vidlin Voe, Hellam 18/08/91
Vidlin Voe, Sandrift Skerries (2) 29/08/93
Vidlin Voe, Swarta Skerry 29/08/93

Walls, by shore SE of Stapness 07/08/69
Walls, Galta Skerry 22/05/94
Walls, Holm of Breibister (2) 07/08/69
Walls, Holm of Burrastow 07/08/69
Walls, Holm of Stapness 07/08/69
Walls, Linga 07/08/69
Walls, Rusna Stacks, Wester Sound (5) 05/08/04
Walls, Skerries of Linga (2) 07/08/69
Walls, skerry at head of voe 07/08/69

Wats Ness, Skerries of Watsness (3) 05/08/04
Weisdale Voe, by coast NE of Greena 11/07/68
Weisdale Voe, Flotta 31/08/94
Weisdale Voe, Greena 11/07/68
Weisdale Voe, Hoggs of Hoy 27/06/68
Weisdale Voe, Hoy 31/08/94
Weisdale Voe, Junk 27/06/68

West Burra
West Burra, Atla Holm 17/06/68
West Burra, E of The Heugg, Kettla Ness (2) 20/05/96
West Burra, Fugla Stack, 31/08/94
West Burra, Holm of Papil 24/07/69
West Burra, Inner Skerry 29/07/68
West Burra, Muckle Skerry, Minn 24/07/69
West Burra, N end of Fugla Stack 20/05/96
West Burra, N of Muckle Skerry, Minn 24/07/69
West Burra, Peerie Holm of Clett 24/07/69
West Burra, S of Tinklee Geo, Kettla Ness (2) 20/05/96
West Burra, Stack of Sandwick 31/08/94
West Burra, Trondra Skerry 29/07/68
West Burra, West Skerry 29/07/68
West Burra, Womni Geo, near Banna Minn 20/05/96

West Burrafirth, below the Face of Neeans (10) 15/07/95
West Burrafirth, Galta Stack 02/07/67
West Burrafirth, Isle of West Burrafirth 02/07/67
West Burrafirth, Long Skerry 11/08/92
West Burrafirth, Neean Skerry 11/08/92
West Burrafirth, Tainga Skerries (4) 15/07/95
West Burrafirth, The Heag 02/07/67
West Burrafirth, Turl Stack, north end 15/07/95

Westerwick, Giltarump (2) 15/05/94
Westerwick, Groni Stack 15/05/94
Westerwick, Grossa Stack 15/05/94
Westerwick, point of Lambigarth to Drongi Taing (10) 15/05/94
Westerwick, The Bak (3) 15/05/94
Westerwick, The Nev (8)

Whalsay, Beilla Skerry, Lunning Sound 05/06/94
Whalsay, between Mooa and Isbister Holm (2) 30/07/00
Whalsay, Bruse Holm (5) 05/06/94
Whalsay, Burlastack of Rumble 29/08/93
Whalsay, East Linga 07/08/68
Whalsay, Flaeshans of Rumble 30/07/00
Whalsay, Flaeshans of Sandwick (3) 29/08/93, 24/06/95
Whalsay, Grif Skerry (4)
Whalsay, Holm of Sandwick 29/08/93
Whalsay, Hunder Holm 05/06/94
Whalsay, Isbister Holm (3) 07/08/68, 30/07/00
Whalsay, Ketill Holm 05/06/94
Whalsay, Little Linga 05/06/94
Whalsay, Longa Skerries, Grif Skerry (2) 29/08/93
Whalsay, Longa Skerry, Lunning Sound 05/06/94
Whalsay, Marra Flaeshans, Lunning Sound 30/07/00
Whalsay, Mooa (4) 07/08/68, 29/08/93, 30/07/00
Whalsay, Nacka Skerry (2) 07/08/68, 29/08/93
Whalsay, Nista 07/08/68
Whalsay, Outer Holm of Skaw 07/08/68
Whalsay, Outra Neap, Skaw (3) 29/08/93
Whalsay, Peat Geo, Skawtaing 30/07/00
Whalsay, Rumble, 07/08/68
Whalsay, Sava Skerry, off Sandwick 29/08/93
Whalsay,Score Holm (2) 05/06/94
Whalsay, skerry W of Calf of Linga, East Linga 29/08/93
Whalsay, Swarta Skerries, Grif Skerry (2) 29/08/93
Whalsay, Swarta Skerry, Lunning Sound 05/06/4
Whalsay, The Flaeshans, West Linga 29/08/93
Whalsay, Trota Stack, Nista 29/08/93
Whalsay, Ungla Skerry, off Treawick 29/08/93
Whalsay, West Linga 29/08/93
Whalsay, Wether Holm 29/08/93

Whiteness Voe, Cure Holm 12/07/67
Whiteness Voe, Hoove Holm 12/07/67
Whiteness Voe, Kirk Skerry 14/05/95
Whiteness Voe, N of Hoove Holm (2) 14/05/95
Whiteness Voe, Otter Holm (2) 12/07/67, 14/05/95

Yell Sound, between Neap of Skea and South Hellia (6) 15/08/93
Yell Sound, Bigga 15/08/93
Yell Sound, Billia Skerry, 15/08/93
Yell Sound, Brother Isle 15/08/93
Yell Sound, Donald’s Skerry, SE of Houll, North Roe 31/05/97
Yell Sound, E side of the Point of Fethaland (9) 04/09/94
Yell Sound, Fish Holm 18/08/91
Yell Sound, head of Virdibreck, E of Houll, North Roe 31/05/97
Yell Sound, Kame of Isbister 31/05/97
Yell Sound, Lamba (3) 15/08/93
Yell Sound, Lamba, South Head 31/05/97
Yell Sound, Linga 18/08/91
Yell Sound, Little Holm 25/08/68
Yell Sound, Little Roe 15/08/68
Yell Sound, Longa Skerry, E of Lunna Holm 29/08/93
Yell Sound, Longa Skerry, Skea 15/08/93
Yell Sound, Lunna Holm 18/08/91
Yell Sound, Meokame Skerry, Calsta, North Roe 15/08/93
Yell Sound, Muckle Holm (2) 25/08/68
Yell Sound, North Holm of Burravoe, North Roe 25/08/68
Yell Sound, Outer Skerry, Skea 15/08/93
Yell Sound, Pund of Burravoe, ESE of Houll, North Roe 31/05/97
Yell Sound, Ravadale Skerry, SE of Houll, North Roe 31/05/97
Yell Sound, S side of Lokati Kame, NE of Houll, North Roe 31/05/97
Yell Sound, Samphrey 05/09/79
Yell Sound, Sand Skerry, Lunna Holm 18/08/91
Yell Sound, Setter Holm 18/08/91
Yell Sound, Shalder Holms, Boatsroom Voe (3) 31/05/97
Yell Sound, Sinna Skerry, Fish Holm (2) 18/08/91
Yell Sound, Skea Skerry 15/08/93
Yell Sound, Sligga Skerry, W of N end of Bigga 15/08/93
Yell Sound, South Holm of Burravoe 25/08/68
Yell Sound, Stack of Stavgeo, N of Skea 15/08/93
Yell Sound, SW of Pund of Burravoe 31/05/97
Yell Sound, The Castle, Ness of Queyfirth 15/08/93
Yell Sound, The Rumble, E of Samphrey 31/05/97
Yell Sound, Tinga Skerry 15/08/93
Yell Sound, Trolla Stack, Ness of Queyfirth 15/08/93
Yell Sound, Ungam, off Sullom Voe Oil Terminal 04/09/04
Yell Sound, Uynarey (6) 15/08/93
Yell Sound, Wether Holm, Linga 18/08/91
Yell Sound, Wick of Breibister, Fethaland (6) 31/05/97

Yell, NE, Kay Holm 25/09/94
Yell, NE. Linga, Gutcher 24/07/93
Yell, NE, Rug, Outsta Ness 10/08/95
Yell, NE, Yea of Migganess 10/08/95
Yell, NW, Aa Stack, Vigon 10/08/95
Yell, NW, Gloup Holm 10/08/95
Yell, NW, The Clapper, Gloup Holm 10/08/95

Yell, SE, Black Skerry, Otters Wick 15/08/93
Yell, SE, E side of the Ness of Gossabrough to Ladies Hole (11) 25/09/94
Yell, SE, Gamla, near Vatsetter, to The Poil, near Aywick (6) 25/09/94
Yell, SE, Green Holm, Burravoe 15/08/93
Yell, SE, Muckle Skerry of Neapaback (2) 15/08/93
Yell, SE, Skerry of the Hoga (3), SE of Aywick 25/09/94
Yell, SE, skerry off Skurdie Geo, Otters Wick 15/08/93

Yell, SW, broch holm near Holm of Copister 15/08/93
Yell, SW, Head of Brough, N of West Yell 31/05/97
Yell, SW, Holm of West Sandwick (2) 15/08/93
Yell, SW, Orfasay 15/08/93
*Yell, SW, Point of Bugarth, W of The Herra 08/07/05
Yell, SW, skerry in West Sand Wick 15/08/93
*Yell, SW, skerry N of Aastack, near Nev of Stuis, entrance to Whale Firth 08/07/05
Yell, SW, Sweinna Stack, N of West Sand Wick (5) 15/08/93
*Yell, SW, skerry W of Ler Wick, NE of Sweinna Stack (08/07/05)