15. Cemeteries

To visit each of the 52 cemeteries and churchyards which in 2010 was in current use or came into use after that date. A cemetery is regarded as one unit, and covers all extensions or a new cemetery contiguous with or in the immediate vicinity of the original burial ground. The majority had already been visited during my botanical travels. Project completed.

Baliasta, Baltasound, Unst
Bixter, West Mainland
Brae, North Mainland
Brough, Whalsay

Cullivoe, Yell

Dunrossness, South Mainland

Easter Quarff, South Mainland
Easting, Unst
Eshaness, Northmavine

Fair Isle

Garth, South Nesting, Central Mainland
Gruting, West Mainland
Gulberwick, S of Lerwick
Gunnista, Bressay

Hamnavoe, Yell
Hillswick, Northmavine
Huxter, Weisdale, Central Mainland

Ireland, South Mainland

Kirkabister, North Nesting, Central Mainland

Laxfirth, North Nesting, Central Mainland
Laxobigging, Graven, North Mainland
Lerwick, Sound
Lerwick, The Knab
Levenwick, South Mainland
Lund, Unst
Lunna, North Mainland

Mail, Bressay
Mail, Cunningsburgh, South Mainland
Mid Yell, Yell
Muckle Roe

Norwick, Unst

Ollaberry, Northmavine
Out Skerries

Papa Stour
Papil, West Burra

Reawick, West Mainland

Sand, West Mainland
Sandness, West Mainland
Sandvoe, North Roe, Northmavine
Sandwick, South Mainland
Sullom, Northmavine

Tingwall, Central Mainland
Tresta, Fetlar

Vidlin, North Mainland
Voe, North Mainland

Walls, West Mainland
Whiteness (new)
Whiteness (old)