13. Triangulation Pillars

To visit all 77 Ordnance Survey triangulation pillars. Project completed.

The Sneug, Foula

Ward Hill, Fair Isle

Sumburgh Head, South Mainland
Erne’s Ward, N of Sumburgh, South Mainland
Fitful Head, South Mainland
Ward of Scousburgh, South Mainland
St Ninian’s Isle, South Mainland
Ward of Burraland, Sandwick, South Mainland
Ward of Veester, N of Sandwick, South Mainland
Royl Field, Clift Hills, South Mainland
Helli Ness, Cunningsburgh, South Mainland
Coall Head, N of Fladdabister, South Mainland
Ward of Bressay, Bressay
Score Hill, Aith Ness, Bressay
Noss Head, Isle of Noss, Bressay

Kettla Ness, West Burra

Scrae Field, Easter Quarff, Central Mainland
Hill of Dale, W of Lerwick, Central Mainland
Kebister Ness, N of Lerwick, Central Mainland
Hill of Berry, Scalloway, Central Mainland
Breck, Whiteness, Central Mainland
Ward of Laxfirth, Tingwall, Central Mainland
Russaness Hill, Weisdale, Central Mainland
Hill of the Taing, South Nesting, Central Mainland
Watch-house, North Nesting, Central Mainland
Scalla Field, Central Mainland
Sneugie, W of Voe, Central Mainland

Mid Ward, Vaila, Walls, West Mainland
Virda Field, Papa Stour, West Mainland
Shoostran, Skelda Ness, West Mainland
Ward of Culswick, West Mainland
Sand Field, W of Garderhouse, West Mainland
Ward of Browland, Bridge of Walls, West Mainland
Sandness Hill, West Mainland
Ward of Scollan, West Burrafirth, West Mainland
Neeans, NNE of West Burrafirth, West Mainland
The Dudd, Aith, West Mainland

South Ward, Muckle Roe

Ward of Clett, Whalsay
Challister Ness, Whalsay
Ward of Bruray, Out Skerries

Lunning Head, NE of Vidlin, North Mainland
Hill of Laxowater, NNE of Laxo, North Mainland
Souther Hill, NNW of Voe, North Mainland
Hill of Swinister, ESE of Graven, North Mainland
Ward of Outrabister, Lunna Ness, North Mainland
Hurda Field, N of Mavis Grind, Northmavine
Ness Vird, NW of Burraland, Northmavine
Hill of Ollaberry, Ollaberry, Northmavine
Loch of Breckon, Esha Ness, Northmavine
White Grunafirth, Heylor, Northmavine
Ler Geo, N of Tingon, Northmavine
Ronas Hill, Northmavine
Beorgs of Skelberry, North Roe, Northmavine
Lanchestoo, NE of Isbister, Northmavine

Heights of Ramnageo, Burravoe, Yell
Hill of Queyon, Aywick, Yell
Ward of Otterswick, Yell
Ness of West Sandwick, Yell
Evra Houll, West Yell, Yell
Rulkies Hill, WSW of The Herra, Yell
Knowes of Bratta, N of Lumbister, Yell
Hill of Lussetter, Mid Yell, Yell
Burra Ness, Basta Voe, Yell
Ward of Grimsetter, S of Cullivoe, Yell
Scordaback, S of Gloup, Yell

Gillis Field, Lamb Hoga, Fetlar
Baa-neap, NNE of Funzie, Fetlar
Vord Hill, Fetlar
Oddsta, N of Brough Lodge, Fetlar

Gallow Hill, E of Belmont, Unst
Breck of Ramnageo, SSW of Muness, Unst
Valla Field, Unst
Balta, Unst
Hill of Clibberswick, Unst
Libbers Hill, NNW of Petester, Unst
Saxa Vord, Unst