12. Brochs

To visit all 79 brochs and probable brochs where there is a substantial amount of evidence on the ground and where the structure is mentioned in The Royal commission on the ancient monuments of Scotland, vol. 3, Inventory of Shetland (Edinburgh 1946), and others which have been discovered since that date. Project completed.

Aithsetter, Cunningsburgh, South Mainland
Aywick, Yell

Balta, Unst
Belmont, Unst
Barra Holm, Stromness Voe, Central Mainland
Benston (Burrian), South Nesting, Central Mainland
Benston, Loch of, South Nesting, Central Mainland
Bousta, Sandness, West Mainland
Brindister, Brindister Voe, West Mainland
Brindister, Loch of, S of Lerwick
Brough (The Burrian), South Nesting, Central Mainland
Brough Holm, Westing, Unst
Brough Lodge, Fetlar,
Brough, Bay of, N of Cullivoe, Yell
Brough, Bressay
Brough, Head of, N of West Yell, Yell
Brough, West Burra
Brow, Loch of, South Mainland
Burga Water, Sandness, West Mainland
Burga Water, Vidlin, North Mainland
Burgan, North Gluss, Northmavine
Burland, Brindister, S of Lerwick
Burland, Trondra
Burra Firth, Unst
Burra Ness, Basta Voe, Yell
Burraland, Loch of, NW of Sullom, Northmavine
Burraland, Sandwick, South Mainland
Burraland, Walls, West Mainland
Burravoe, Brae, North Mainland

Channerwick, South Mainland
Clevigarth, NE of North Exnaboe, South Mainland
Clickimin, Loch of, Lerwick
Clumlie, S of Levenwick, South Mainland
Copister, Holm of, SE of Ulsta, Yell
Cullingsburgh, N end of Bressay
Culswick, West Mainland

Dalsetter, E of Boddam, South Mainland

East Burra Firth, Central Mainland
Eastshore, Sumburgh, South Mainland

Feal, S of, by E side of Wick of Houbie, Fetlar
Fethaland, Northmavine
Footabrough, W of Walls,West Mainland
Fugla Ness, N of Tofts Voe, North Mainland

Gord, Cunningsburgh, South Mainland
Gossabrough, Yell

Hamnavoe, Esha Ness, Northmavine
Hawks Ness, Breiwick, Tingwall, Central Mainland
Heglibister, Weisdale, Central Mainland
Houbie, W side of Wick of Houbie, Fetlar
Houlland, NE of Bixter, West Mainland
Houlland, Loch of, Esha Ness, Northmavine
Housabister, North Nesting, Central Mainland
Huxter, Loch of, Sandness, West Mainland

Infield, Mossbank, North Mainland

Jarlshof, South Mainland

Kettlester, Loch of, Burravoe, Yell

Levenwick, South Mainland
Lunabister, near Loch of Spiggie, South Mainland

Mail, Cunningsburgh, South Mainland
Mousa, South Mainland

Noss Sound, E side of Bressay
Nounsbrough, near Clousta, West Mainland
Pinhoulland, NE of Walls, West Mainland

Scatness, Old, South Mainland
Scousburgh, South Mainland
Skelberry, NW of Boddam, South Mainland
Sna Brough, N of Brough Lodge, Fetlar
Sna Broch, S of Lund, Unst
Southvoe, S of Boddam, South Mainland
Stoura Brough, Brough, Mid Walls, West Mainland

Underhoull, by Lunda Wick, Unst

Virkie, Sumburgh, South Mainland

Wadbister Ness, Tingwall, Central Mainland
Watsness, Loch of, W of Mid Walls, West Mainland
West Burrafirth, West Mainland
West Houlland, Bridge of Walls, West Mainland
West Sandwick, Yell
Wester Skeld, West Mainland